Wilfred Books was set up at the end of 2013, primarily to publish the biography of Wilfred Risdon, my grand uncle, whom I never met, I regret to say. I discovered him in the course of my family history research, and the more I found out about him, the more interested I became in his life & work. Because it is not possible [in England, at least] to obtain ISBNs on an individual basis, it made sense to consider publishing additional titles, either about Wilfred Risdon, or subjects related to his life and work, but also publications not directly related to him. The intention is, therefore, to build a ‘stable’ of suitable books: not exclusively, but probably predominantly non-fiction. I am certainly willing to consider unsolicited suggestions, so if you are interested in publishing your own work, but you have no appetite for all the work involved in doing it yourself, then email me with some details, and I will happily advise you whether I think could publish your book. I am a strong advocate of localism, so I use a small local printer who is able to give me a good deal for short print runs, rather than one of the online corporates. However, I will also be making the maximum possible use of the potential presented by digital download technology.

There is now a print version (product code WB01), and downloadable versions: PDF (product code WB02), ePub (product code WB03) and Kindle versions (product code WB04), in both popular formats (.mobi & .azw3) of Black Shirt and Smoking Beagles available; the ePub version can be read using iBooks on iOS devices, and on a wide range of other platforms; the Kindle version required can be selected from the link in the email confirming the purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: New parcel delivery prices for print books are in force from the beginning of August, 2015. Outside the UK, parcels will be sent using the Post Office International Standard tariff: delivery to Europe (zone A) within 3 to 5 working days; delivery to the rest of the world within 5 to 7 working days. The rest of the world is divided into 2 zones: zone B includes north & south America, Africa and most of south & east Asia; and zone C is Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. For country by country details, please go to the Royal Mail page. Please note also that the zone names used on this site are not the same as those used by Royal Mail.


Wilfred Books is prepared to offer retail purchasers a reward incentive on items purchased from the current range, to encourage further purchases. All non-account purchasers are given a reward code that can be redeemed for a discount on future purchases: the purchase of one WB01 will allow 20% discount on additional copies of WB01, or 20% discount on the purchase of WB02, WB03 or WB04; the purchase of WB02, WB03 or WB04 will allow a discount of 10% on the purchase of WB01. (PLEASE NOTE: Discount cannot be given on a purchase of a download against a further purchase of a download of the same product)

Individual discounts for significant quantities of WB01 (>10) can be negotiated. Please feel free to email me with your details to discuss what is possible. Thank you for your interest and custom.